Characteristics Of A Whole Person

A Whole person is one who is healthy and happy. This is the opposite of disorder or disease.  A person who is strong physically but carries abused emotions or is plagued by wrong thinking in his soul, is not a whole person. Or, if he is cut off from God by being dead spiritually, he may connect with people well but he has no sense of the divine presence. Each of us as individuals are three part beings. We have a soul, a spirit and we live in a body.  (I Thessalonians 5:23) We experience pleasure and pain with our body.  WE interact with other people with our soul and and we interact with God with our spirit.

If one part of ourselves is not working properly, it affects the other parts of us. The mind-body connection is real. . An emotional wound, left unresolved, can cause your physical body to become sick. Pain in the body can affect your state of mind or your feelings.  Is your spirit alive? Or is it sick with rejection, hurt, or bitterness? There is a real cure for all of these invisible wounds. We can be healthy inside and out.

Freedom from addictions, healthy attitudes and emotions, physical fitness, clear thinking, and the ability to relate to others with integrity are characteristics of a healthy person. This includes loving yourself properly. This balance can’t be fully achieved without a state of peace that ultimately proceeds from knowing God.

“It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick.” Jesus, the great physician… Matthew 9:12.