Our Mission

Employee Assistance Program

Housing Assistance, Transportation assistance, counseling, mentoring, support group programs, stress management, budgeting, holistic health resources, crisis, intervention and financial assistance

Evangelism Crusades

Revealing the will, promises, and power of God that is available to all who will believe by way of preaching, teaching, training, 24 Hour Prayer, discipleship, church planting, support groups, chaplaincy programs, tent meetings, bible studies, strengthening local churches and marketplace businesses.

Educational Program

Resources are available to support those interested in furthering their self discovery in Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge of life. Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:

Our Mission

Wisdom Missions Worldwide envisions to be a safe place in the world to foster healthy well-being and to support community members in their efforts to enhance and revitalize their families. We are dedicated to ongoing activities that will ensure that we remain an organization committed to community development and well-being.

Our Vision

Developing strategies focusing on personal growth and empowerment, while Creating opportunities to connect community members with resources. We play a central role in community organizing and providing services which help to empower community residents to make positive changes.

The Goal

Changing communities one person at a time. We support community residents by servicing their needs through training, one-on-one consulting, and counseling, equipping every individual with the right information and resources.


It’s Time to Make This World Better

We believe in a world without hopelessness where everyone can live a healthier and peaceful life. So, join our volunteer team!